instant keto: Do Not Buy Read Benefits And Side Effects

instant keto you back to ying with hey it was I Oklahoma is James I just deliver one to change that yaks before and when stay the same it's just like she's losing body fat to gain muscle nothing but a lot of the way since was for sure don't flex it it song yeah hold into so he didn't so it's what almost twenty lines by twenty point something boots so what's the number 41 no wait yeah like 41 41 yeah exactly 40 okay so step number one okay so the muscle so protein is good for that which is gonna help you burn fat does that make sense so essentially protein helps you burn fat so 214 shakes a day just to means just so you're getting enough protein like chicken or fish Simon shrimp got a solid state I'll give you like a list of foods you can eat and you kind of just kinda like and then you could still eat Sofia Zika study means stuff like that I just don't eat a lot of it and the beans don't cook it with acid and the rice but try to stay away from yeah yeah but as we trained I will teach you more you'll have more questions because it's harder that I tell you everything right now and then you're gonna forget the more I tell you so yeah I'm excited you ready to give a bunch of [Music] [Music] are they [Music] they'll see my eyes [Music] yes is here 6:00 in the morning we made it look like they're tired but they number one okay so first thing we're gonna do is warm up especially early in the morning first thing you want to do is warm up your muscles so I got Janet here she's just gonna do this product six minutes just to get her muscles warm to get her blood flowing and pretty much that's that's what it's for it's not bad it's good just ten reps okay second workouts in the shoulder press and it's too late you guys and all those form is not gonna be perfect so don't expect like perfect form so you just start with me so it I 


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